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Pedro Carvalheiro

06 Jul: QB 03/2022 – Assessing the diversification benefits of private debt

With volatility roiling many traditional markets in the first half of 2022, it is a good reminder that private debt often demonstrates a low correlation with traditional asset classes. That means private debt has the potential to provide important diversification effects for investment portfolios, explains Pedro Carvalheiro, Head of Investing at CrossLend.

22 Apr: QB 02/2022 – „The time without mandatory risk and compliance management in the non-bank lending sector is likely to be over soon“

Lack of high-quality risk and compliance management may have dramatic effects on the ecosystem. Zorana Bejtovic, chairwoman of our committee of eponymous name as well as Head of Risk with creditshelf, talks about the need for professional structures, the regulatory dawn for BNPL and embedded finance as well as latest developments at EU level.
auxmoney CFO Daniel Drummer

27 Jan: QB 01/2022 – Social Bonds for an inclusive access to credit

According to a recent study, 93% of all institutional investors consider evidence of ESG activities to be important and take it into account when it comes to investment decisions. Dr. Daniel Drummer, CFO with auxmoney, explains how lending platforms use ESG-compliant investment forms and why they make an important contribution to a better supply of credit.