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#2 – What’s Up Digital Lending?

Episode #2 on real estate loans in the asset allocation with Clifford Tjiok, COO, LOANCOS.

In this episode, we are talking about the Frankfurt/Germany based fintech LOANCOS. Besides the servicing of loans they offer investments in residential real estate loans. Why should institutionals invest? What are the returns? How do the currently manifold risks affect this asset class? What’s up with the future landscape of Digital Lending in Europe? These and many more questions get discussed.

Guest: Clifford Tjiok, COO with LOANCOS.

Host: Constantin Fabricius, Managing Director with the German Digital Lending Association.

Please note: The content of this podcast is expressly not to be considered investment advice, but is intended solely for your information.

For the complete episode click here please or just listen into the audiogramme.