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10th Corporate Finance Days of Sparkasse Dresden

Our Managing Director Constantin Fabricius attended the 10th Corporate Finance Days of Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden. He spoke about Digital Lending and its significance for the European SMEs.

Trade conflicts, Brexit, increasing competition or new technologies: In uncertain times, it is essential for SMEs to set up their corporate financing in a stable and sustainable manner. Numerous experts from various savings banks throughout Germany discussed the various strategic approaches on the 10th Corprorate Finance Day of Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden on December, 1st – 2nd.

For our association, these two conference days were a great opportunity to present ourselves, the hot topic of Ditigal Lending and the alternative benefits for SME. For them in particular, a loan from a savings bank has often been the only source of financing in the past, but this is no longer likely to be so plentiful as a result of Basel3. And it is not possible for them to obtain outside capital via the stock exchange due to their size, because they do not achieve the necessary minimum volumes for the financial market. Against this backdrop, it was highly interesting to discuss the varios options how Digital Lending improves the funding situation of SMEs. We would like to thank Sparkasse Dresden for the opportunity to exchange views with so many interesting colleagues!